Connecting Injured Athletes With The Best Local Health Care Providers

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Kho health connects you with the best search filter ever made for sports medicine providers and injury information. There are over 20,000 professionals you can find on Kho Health.

Kho Health For Sports Medicine Providers

If you are a provider, Kho Health gives you a platform to be found easier for your skillsets and to promote your industry. Everyone using Kho Health is doing so because they want to learn more about their health. You can go about doing that in anyway that you choose. When you post on your Kho Health feed, you post to an audience that is only looking for healthcare help.

Awesome Benefits of Using Kho Health


Build community with other athletes working hard to stay healthy. Engage with healthcare providers that are passionate about working with athletes

Interactive Profiles

Watch introduction videos on healthcare provider profiles so you can get a good first impression


Scroll down a feed that is all healthcare so you can focus on finding what you need. Get a better understanding of different health care services and how you can use them to your advantage

Improve It

  • The more athletes and healthcare providers understand each other the easier it is to communicate and work together. It’s time we make it easier to stay healthy!

What People Are Saying on The AppStore!

As a massage therapist, it is VITAL to have my logistics organized, quick and easy for me to use and access. This app does just that and can help with potential client growth. Highly recommend!

Finally, an app that allows me to build a relationship with the therapist first, and allow others to refer me to the best!

I’m amazed at what this app can do! Bring a community together of athletes and therapists to help solve a problem. Athletes using their experience that they might be very familiar with and Therapists using the education and knowledge that they have trained years for.

Dramatically re-engineer value-added opportunities for client-centered infrastructures. Dynamically pontificate 2.0 intellectual capital and strategic intellectual capital.