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Kho Number

Kho Number | Everything You Need to Know

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The Kho Number was meant to set a new standard that everyone understands for comparing healthcare providers. In a world where we look for opportunities to skim because we have so much information thrown at us, Kho Health wanted to bring swift decision making to the Health Care world.

Why We Created The Kho Number

The Kho Number was created from our customer research. In the early days of Kho Health, Ian had noticed that most people had no idea how they choose their doctors or healthcare providers. If they did a Google search, Google shows you who does the best search engine optimization, NOT who is the best provider.

What about when you are trying to choose between different types of providers? How do you make these choices quickly? Reviews and ratings are starting, but they are just not enough because some sites you go on it seems every healthcare provider has a 5-star rating. When everyone has a 5-star rating? What do you do next?

The answer was creating one universally understood number out of 100. The figure easily could be seen and understood. It would give healthcare providers more reason to step their games up and do better. When you have a number attached to you, it gives you a reason to keep pleasing your customer and trying to do better.

The Kho Number Lets You Make Decisions Much Quicker

The Kho Number would allow people in a crunch to decide between different providers much more comfortable. Instead of going back and forth reading ten different bios, you can see which Kho Numbers look the best and go back and forth between 2-3 options. The Kho Number is not meant to replace doing extensive research, but it helps you to know who not to waste time doing extensive research based on your needs.

Why search through 10 people when 5 of them have appalling Kho Numbers. You can see it right in their profile, and you don’t have even to waste time digging in. The goal of the Kho Number is to make the consumer feel better about healthcare.


What Does the Kho Number Consist Of?

The Kho Number is no secret like the Coke Recipe or the Instagram Algorithm when it first came out. Kho Health is all about transparency. That Transparency means making sure that everyone always knows how this number is created.

  1. Ratings and Review
  2. Engagement within Kho Health
  3. Endorsements From Other Healthcare Providers

Ratings and Reviews

The ratings and reviews are outside of the control of the healthcare provider. Ratings and reviews come from people who have had an experience with the healthcare provider. Healthcare providers can increase their Kho Number by merely encouraging their patents to be a part of the platform.

Engagement within Kho Health

Here is a part of the Kho Number that is 100% in control of the healthcare provider. A healthcare provider can control how much they put into Kho Health. Things are broken into two different aspects. The first is education, and the second is a response. With the education that includes posting content that educates the community. For a response, it looks for healthcare providers to answer questions and engage with people who are specifically interested in their brand.

Endorsements From Other Healthcare Providers

It is one thing if people you treat say you are good, but will your fellow healthcare providers report that you are good? Endorsements give you a chance to prove that you are respected from all angles of healthcare. All you have to do is ask for an endorsement and if they agree they will go to your profile and hit the thumbs up.

Is the Number Fair?

The number has two metrics outside the control of health care providers, one that can be controlled by health care providers. The number is meant to show the big picture of who is worth learning more about and digging into. If you see someone has a low Kho Number, it says something compared to someone that has a high Kho Number. There will always be people who say it is not fair and we will do everything we can to keep improving and making the number better.



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