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Clinical Athlete vs Kho Health – Which is Better?

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Clinical Athlete is a great resource created by Physical Therapist Quinn Henoch. While Kho Health was established by 2012 Olympian Ian Warner. That sets up the most significant differences between the two sites. One was made with healthcare providers in mind, and the other was made with athletes in mind. Both have similar goals when it comes to keeping athletes healthy and educating the world on how to move and move and be healthy.

It is essential to understand who the founders of each platform are because it will help you see that they are not so much competition as they are partners of a cause. They are fighting the same fight but are just doing so with different perspectives and approaches.

What Clinical Athlete Does Well Clinical Athlete

Find Sports Medicine Healthcare Providers

Clinical Athlete has a map on every page of their site that can direct you to different health care providers who are members. To be a member you have to be accepted and consider yourself to be a health practitioner that is still an athlete.

The map would be more useful, but all the practitioners seem to be pretty spread out. The other issue with the map is that it does not seem to be a huge focus on Clinical Athlete. They are more about educating healthcare providers than helping athletes to connect with healthcare providers.

Educating Healthcare Providers

Where Clinical Athlete shines is in their education offerings for healthcare providers. They frequently publish videos, webinars, certifications, events, jobs and peer-reviewed literature.

If you are a healthcare provider wanting to learn how to be better at your craft and work with more athlete,s then Clinical Athlete is a great resource for you. Not only will joining get you listed on the map but it will also make sure that you are always learning more.

Educating Athletes

Clinical Athlete does not have any unique offerings for athletes or any functionality in the platform for them to review therapists or anything like that. One of the most significant drawbacks to the platform is that not much is done to make it attractive for athletes. If you are an athlete looking for a healthcare provider, Clinical Athlete may be helpful for you if you live in the right locations.


Clinical Athlete has a great name, and they do a great job of getting their members to promote the brand. It means something to these healthcare providers to say that they are a Clinical Athlete. That is all thanks to excellent branding and community building from the company. They have been able to grow with social media due to people saying in their profiles that they are a part of Clinical Athlete.


What Kho Health Does Well

Injured Gadget Kho Health

Finding Sports Medicine Provider

Finding a sports medicine healthcare provider is much easier with Kho Health than any other platform. Places like Health Grades and WebMD are more geared towards the very traditional healthcare system.

Kho Health is for people looking for help with sports injuries or a more holistic approach to their healthcare. Unlike Clinical Athlete, Kho Health has practitioners in every state and province in the USA and Canada. You can filter through them by type, skill, location and many other factors.

Comparing Healthcare Providers

When you do find someone on Clinical Athlete, there is no way to go about comparing them. With Kho Health each person is given a Kho Number. This number is used to make it easy to compare providers with a quick glance. The larger the number, the better the provider is with their reviews, engagement, and insurances they accept.

Educating Athletes

Kho Health was made by a former Olympian and not a healthcare provider. This means the user experience was made with the athlete in mind. Every athlete can follow healthcare providers that they are interested in. These healthcare providers can post videos, pictures, and statues on the platform to educate athletes.

It is an empowering feature because it allows athletes to start building relationships with healthcare providers. Athletes will have a place they can go to that is 100% health-focused.

Educating Healthcare Providers

Where Kho Health falls short is in offering healthcare providers different education platforms in the way that Clinical Athlete does. For Kho Health to do, they will have to continue working to build more partnerships with healthcare providers.

Who Wins Between Kho Health and Clinical Athlete?

There is no winner because both platforms can be used together. If you are an athlete, Kho Health will be more accessible to learn on and find the health care providers you need. If you are a healthcare provider, the Clinical athlete is a great resource to go to build community with other providers. Kho Health is where you go to be seen and build a relationship with athletes. Everybody wins!

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