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CT Scan vs MRI vs X-Ray Medical Imaging - Using Technology For Medical Diagnostics

Medical Imaging – The Differences Between CT Scan vs MRI vs X-Ray

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.A lot of people have had X-ray images of different parts of their bodies taken. The machines leave many wondering about the science behind the production of X-rays, MRI’s and other imaging technology. We will be educating you about medical imaging and the science and technology behind it. We will make sure you know the differences between CT Scan vs MRI vs X-Ray.

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You might be interested in learning about radiation, which are individual rays used to produce different images. A lot of lives and careers have been saved only because a Doctor requested for a medical image which was able to aid to help with a correct diagnosis.

What Is Medical Imaging – CT Scan vs MRI vs X-Ray

Medical imaging refers to the technologies that are used to produce non-invasive, visual representations or images of the interior of the body to diagnose diseases and treating injuries.

Medical imaging is an essential aspect of modern medicine. The diagnosis of a medical condition must first be made before the individual undergoes treatment.

You may be surprised to know that although radiation is a tool for diagnosis in some instances, it can also be used as a tool for particular medical treatment, e.g., in the case of cancers.

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Medical Imaging: What Are The Modalities Of Medical Imaging? CT Scan vs MRI vs X-Ray

There are some ways through which medical imaging has been used to assess what is going on inside the human body. Some of them will be listed below, and we will go ahead to give a short description of each modality.

CT Scan vs MRI vs X-Ray – The X-Ray

The full meaning of X-Ray is X-Radiation. It is one of the oldest and most common medical imaging techniques, and it was discovered by a German scientist named Wilhelm Röntgen. The X-Ray machine produces radiation that is absorbed by the body and allows the internal structures to be viewed on a film.

X-Rays can be used to evaluate the skeletal system, the lungs, the breasts, ingested objects, etc.

  • The electromagnetic wave of high energy which can pass through a material
  • X- Rays can give doctors a picture of the bones of the body
  • Doctors can view inside of the body without making an incision
  • There are risks with X-rays but the benefits usually out weight them
  • X-Rays can help Doctor to the progression of healing, to examine and to diagnose an area
  • X-rays require no particular steps to prepare for them
  • Make sure doctor is aware of anything metal inside of the body
  • Sometimes you may need to take a dye to make the test more effective
  • Risks are that the radiation could be harmful to babies

Reasons to Use X-Ray

  • Cancer
  • Tumors
  • Broken Bones
  • Tooth Decay
  • Digestive problems
  • Enlarged heart
  • Infections
  • Osteoporosis
  • Arthritis
  • Retrieving Swallowed Items

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CT Scan vs MRI vs X-Ray – CT  Scan

You have probably heard a Doctor either on TV or in reality request that a person takes a CT scan. They do this because they want to have a more unobstructed view of the person’s internal structure.

The CT combines X-ray images taken from many angles to give a very detailed cross-sectional illustration of the internal structures.

The image you get from the CT provides better information than the conventional X-Ray. The additional information provided makes it a favorite for doctors.

CT scans can be used to evaluate the heart, spinal injuries, tumors, etc.

  • CT Scan stands for Computerized Axial Tomography
  • Considered to be special X-Ray Tests
  • Help doctors visualize small nodules and tumors
  • Allows a look at the inside of the body as one would slice a loaf of bread
  • Commonly performed procedures
  • Could need to fast before CT scan for the dye to work properly


Reasons to Use CT Scan

  • Same reasons as X-ray
  • Heart problems
  • Spinal Injuries
  • Tumors


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CT Scan vs MRI vs X-Ray – Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

The MRI is also a pretty popular imaging modality. It utilizes radio waves and a magnetic field to produce a detailed image of internal organs.

The radiation produced by the MRI machine focuses on creating images of the soft tissues of the body while omitting the hard tissues like bones. MRI can be used to evaluate blood vessels and major organs of the body.

  • MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  • Uses strong magnetic field and radio waves to created detail pictures of the organs and tissue of the body
  • Noninvasive and painless scan
  • Machines are very expensive
  • Resembles a large tube with a table in the middle
  • Differs from CT scan and X-ray because there is no harmful radiation
  • Must remove all metal to have an MRI done
  • MRI is not possible if the patient has MRI inside of the body
  • Can be claustrophobic for some
  • Must stay still during the scan
  • Communication with technician done through an intercom
  • May need to take contrast dye before the scan
  • The scan can last for 20 to 60 minutes

Reason to Use MRI Machine

  • Brain and Spin issues
  • Tumors and cysts
  • Athletic injuries
  • Some heart problems
  • Dieses of organs
  • The list is always expanding in scope

We hope you have been well educated on the various medical imaging techniques and how they can be used. If you are ever in a situation where need imaging is done you will know the differences between CT Scan vs MRI vs X-Ray.

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