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Skill Success

Skill Success and How to Find Skill Mastery

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Skill success is the thing that we are all after, but we all want it for different skills and reasons. Maybe you are a healthcare provider and you want skill success with Graston technique, or perhaps you are an athlete, and you want to perfect your accuracy when you throw a football. Every day we take up a variety of skills, some we are bad at and others we much better with. If we are going to reach our full potential, we are going to need more than anything else is skill success and that comes with mastery.

Benefits of Increased Skill Success

Increased Value

We don’t get paid for a time; we get paid for value. Never forget that! If you want to make more money, you have to bring more value to the table. The reason Lebron James makes so much money is not because of the time he puts in, it is because of the value he brings to the table.

If you want to be more valuable, you need to have a lot of skill success. No matter how niche or weird a skill is, it will still bring you increased value. There are a lot of people who can cook good, but there are very few who are master cooks like Gordon Ramsey. That is why he is worth over $100 million, and good cooks are lucky to make $100,o00 in a year. Mastery increases value by that much.

When you look for anything in life do you look for the third best or do you go straight to the top? There is value in being number one because we want the best. We want the first thing that comes up on Google, the best healthcare providers and the best lawyer in town because we know that #1 is almost always so much better than number 10 is. When everyone wants number 1, it increases the value because of the demand.

Increased Fame

Fame does not have to be on a global level. Local fame counts for something as well, and skill success will bring you that. Think of that small town lawyer who is considered to be the best. That latter gets all of the high profile cases because of their status. If you go one town over they may be unknown, but in their home, they have the market on lock.

The great thing about fame is that you become top of mind. The first step of marketing is to be known. If you do not know you cannot be financially rewarded.  Fame means that you are the most talked about and the most likely to be thought of when that skill is needed.

More Satisfaction

We are hired wired to improve. The pursuit of mastery is in our blood. If you want to be happy in life, you need to work on getting better consistently. If you are not able to continually improve at something you will become bored or depressed.

By choosing a skill that you want to lock in on and succeed at you are setting you life on track for happiness. You will be more resilient and able to handle the bumps in the road because you have a skill that you want to master.

Skill Success

How to Improve Skill Success and Find Mastery

Find a Mentor

Mentorship is one of the best ways to improve any skill set. Learning from someone who has already done what you want to do means they will be able to teach you from their failures. Everyone learns from failures, but those failures do not have to be yours. When you lock in the on the lessons that a mentor can teach you, it will speed up your success.

Finding mentors will also help yo hold you accountable. A great mentor will always hold you to a high standard. They will not just praise what you do because you are good at what you do. They will criticise you in a brutally honest way to help you to succeed. Getting a mentor is not fo the faith of the heart.

Buy the Best Books On The Topic

Masters are always readers. The reason is that not everyone you want to mentor you can do it. Some people are far away, some are too famous, and some of them are dead. Books allow you to learn from people no matter who they are or where they are.

Developing a tremendous appetite for reading will accelerate your learning curve. Mentors become your hands-on learning while books become yourself learning that you can take ownership of. If you have trouble getting a mentor, never fear because there are plenty of books you can use to fill in the gaps.

Practice Your Skill

There is no getting around actually putting in work. If you want to have the best basketball shot, you cannot just get mentored by Steph Curry and read books about basketball greats. That will help a lot, but you eventually need to get out on the court and put up shots every day.

Practice is an essential element of success because it is where you apply the knowledge you learn. Here is where you separate the good from great. People who are good tend to only focus on either learning or practice, but the greats combine the two. They learn like crazy and practice what they are learning.


Run Experiments

You need to run experiments because it is a much better way of looking at failure. Sometimes people take failures hard when they should look at things as mini-experiments. The people who run the most experiments tend to win because they quickly are learning what does NOT work. The quicker you can figure out what does not work the easier it will be to get to what does work.

By running experiments, you get to be creative and put all of your crazy ideas to work. There are no stupid ideas because you can run a quick little test to see what works and what is rubbish. By doing things this way you develop an open mind, and you become willing to try anything.

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