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Sprained Elbow
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Sprained Elbow – Symptoms, Causes, And Treatment

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A sprained elbow is a common injury among athletes. Most of the time when you see someone’s arm in a sling, it is due to either a sprain or a fracture. A sprained elbow is a painful injury, and it can prevent you from being able to perform even simple functions. Things like writing and playing tennis become difficult when dealing with elbow pain.

If there is any form of dysfunction at the elbow, it will also affect rotation movement around the wrist. Can you imagine Michael Jordan with a sprained elbow? He wouldn’t be able to perform with all the amazing skills he has

Basketball, volleyball, tennis, and swimming are prevalent sports that involve the use of the hands. If a player of any of these sports has a sprained elbow, they will be unable to function optimally.

In this article, we will discuss with you at length what a sprained elbow is, how to identify the signs and symptoms and what to do if your elbow is sprained.

What Is A Sprained Elbow?

Sprained ELbow

The elbow joint contains ligaments. Ligaments are short bands of fibrous tissues that join a bone to another bone to form a joint. When a sprain occurs, it means that the ligament around that joint is torn or injured.

A sprained elbow is the tearing of the ligaments that surround the elbow joint. If it involves two or more ligaments, then it will be more painful and takes a longer time to heal than if it includes a single ligament.

What Are The Types Of Sprained Elbow?

Elbow sprains are classified based on the extent of damage done to the ligaments surrounding the elbow joint. They are:

  • Mild elbow sprain
  • Moderate elbow sprain
  • Severe elbow sprain

What Are The Causes Elbow Sprain?

An elbow sprain can be caused by any of the following:

  • If your arm is twisted with excessive force
  • High impact force directly to your elbow can result in a sprain
  • Overstretching the muscles around the elbow joint can result in a sprained elbow
  • Sudden twisting of the elbow while playing a sport, especially contact sports can result in an elbow sprain
  • Twisting your elbow while you are lying in an awkward position

What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of Elbow Sprain?

  • Feeling pain in your arm when you attempt to move your elbow
  • Swelling around your elbow region
  • If you notice a bruise on your elbow
  • Inability to move your elbow at its normal axis of movement


Before going to the Doctor, you can make use of first aid by applying ice on the sprained elbow to prevent further inflammation, compression of the sprained elbow and its elevation also helps.

When you get to the hospital, the doctor will first diagnose and classify the kind of sprain you have according to the classes we have listed earlier.

They may also prescribe painkillers like Ibuprofen, Aspirin, etc. He will tell you to rest the sprained elbow and put it in a sling.

If your sprained elbow is very severe, you may require surgery.

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