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Steroids In Sport: Should They Be Legal?

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It is important to know that the remarks made in this article are of my own opinion. I am not condoning the use of steroids what so ever. I am simply shining a little light on the elephant in the room. Please take what is said here with a grain of salt. Again these are my own opinions on this particular matter.

Steroids in Minor Sports

Steroids in minor or youth sports was never really a problem for me when I was growing up. No one ever talked about it mainly because I do not think we had that much exposure to it where I am from. However, I understand that there is a problem with youth being given these substances to bring them to the next level. Dangerous drugs used to enhance performance given to them by people who are not doctors. Substances that are probably from a place that is not up to standards.

Minors taking steroids is a big problem namely for health purposes. We are talking about a shortcut that undercuts their ability to function properly and possibly harms them. Not worth it. It is illegal first off, they are too young to fully understand the implications, and they could be harmed in the long term. Steroids have no place in minor sports.

Steroids at The Olympics

At the Olympics, the pinnacle of amateur competition. It is the highest stage of national pride. A place where countries around the world can establish their dominance as a powerhouse in the sport. There recently has been a Netflix show that dives into the Russian steroid scandal. It is amazing to me how serious sport is taken these days. We are talking about a national level crisis that has political ramifications. Sport and politics should never be mixed. Much like anything and politics.

Now the Olympics are meant to be an amateur competition. Professionals are not supposed to be involved in the Olympics, but they have made their way into the whole things because… you guessed it, money. The root of all evil as they say. Now They say the introduction to steroids was because of the Russians trying to get into the view of the world. They used sport to get noticed as a power. Trying to utilize the field of competitions to establish themselves. It worked. Everyone knows how well the Russian athletes have done in the Olympic games. They have set up an entire culture around the Olympics.

Now the Olympics has been trying their best to regain its once illustrious reputation as being the most ethical sports committee on the planet. However, I do not see steroids leaving the sports which are under the Olympics umbrella. I do not agree with them being in the Olympics however the gains in performance and the records broken have set a standard for audiences. If there is a dramatic drop in performance, you will see a dramatic drop in viewership. As we know the mighty dollar is a very powerful thing.

Steroids in Professional Sports

Here is where I am going to change lanes. I believe that professionals should be able to take steroids. Now, wait and hear me out. They are playing a sport where the people around them demand they perform to the best of their abilities. They want the best they can for the money they are spending. Being told they could be without a job if they do not get a certain number of touchdowns, goals, or three-pointers. You name it. There is a disconnect between real human ability and superhuman ability.

Again since we are talking about things that involve money, and livelihoods many professional athletes will dive into the steroid realm to stay on top. Taking them may give them an extra couple of years to play the sport. Also to entertain the city in which they are playing. Many people idolize their sports teams to the point that they own all the merch, go to every game, and live a life devoted to them. The professional sports arena is providing much more than the ability of athlete it makes a killing as an athlete. They give hope to those who are lost and give the city a reason to relax at night. A reason to have a smile on at the end of the day.

So I believe that steroids in professional sports should be an exception. They should be administered by professionals, that way the risks go down immensely and that it should be incredibly transparent. Everyone should know what is going on. Hiding things behind closed doors only serve to infuriate us when we find out what we already know!


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