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Wilderness Athlete

What Is Wilderness Athlete – Getting You Started

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Wilderness Athlete probably makes you think of an athlete running in a forest. You are right to have imagined it like that. Wilderness Athlete is a company that produces a variety of products for outdoor athletes. These athletes are interested in sports or activities that involve leaving one’s comfort zone in search of the thrill and excitement of adventure.

wilderness athlete


Have you always been interested in what Wilderness Athlete is all about but your curiosity hasn’t been satisfied by the kind of answers you read or get? If the answer is yes, then this is the right article for you to read at this point in time.

Wilderness Athlete

Wilderness Athlete – What Are The Kind Of Products I Should Expect?

The products produced by Wilderness Athlete can be classified under the following headings:

  • Nutrition
  • Edibles
  • Gear

These products are focused on making your hiking, running and other sport related activities as comfortable as possible.

Wilderness Athlete: What Are These Products For?

We will be discussing further on the products under the heading that were listed earlier.

Wilderness Athlete

  • Nutrition

The Wilderness Athlete brand produces some nutritional supplements that enhance the quality of your workout, muscle building or weight loss activities. Some of the products listed under Nutrition include Protein Plus, Meal Replacement Shake, Paleo-Beef Proteins, High-Performance Multivitamins, Brute Force, Hydrate and Recover, Omega-3 Fish Oil etc.

Some of these products contain most of the essential amino acids required by your body in a proper proportion. Upon using these products, some athletes have admitted to being re-energized both physically and mentally.

Wilderness Athlete

  • Edibles

From the meaning of the word edible itself, the edibles produced by the Wilderness Athlete company are infused with chocolate chips, mountain berries etc to ensure that the consumption experience is pleasant.

Some Wilderness Athlete products listed under Edibles include Re-Bar (a protein energy bar), Heather’s Choice (which are healthy and gluten-free), Dark Timber Coffee and The Wild Kitchen Cookbook.

Wilderness Athlete

As a soldier cannot go into war without the appropriate weapons that will help him fight for his cause properly, an engineer cannot go to work without the proper tools that will assist him and make his tasks easier, you as an athlete require some specially designed accessories and clothing that will make the overall outdoor experience very interesting.

Wilderness Athlete works with scientists that have considered biomechanics and anatomy to create better products. Some of the gear includes t-shirts, long sleeves, guides and trackers, and decals. Thes gear will protect you from the adverse effects of environments. Anything you will encounter on a daily basis while you journey toward a more fearless life.

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